Here, at GO Moving & Services, we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of your move. We know just how difficult the entire ordeal can be. You have to pack, sell or rent a new home, work, look after kids and so much more!

We have been moving our clients now for 11 years. We are experts in this area! We know what works well, and what doesn’t. 

Our service has been outstanding throughout the years and it shows. We’ve won numerous awards for our careful and tactful handling of your belongings. We bare a large responsibility to move you, and we don’t take it lightly.


and let GO Moving & Services take care of your move!



If you're moving across town, across the street, upsizing or downsizing, think of GO Moving & Services as your local moving experts! Every move is different, and we are ready for just about anything! With our large selection of tools always on hand we're ready to take apart beds, dining tables, sofas, or remove hand rails, doors or even light fixtures!

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Picture this: You just found the perfect piece of furniture at the perfect price, but no delivery or you don't trust the big box company to deliver your new sofa bed. Call us at GO Moving and Services for the above average service you expect!

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Spring cleaning? Downsizing? Or just purging? We can help you get rid of those unwanted, unsightly, bulky items that are just taking up space! Or maybe its just your old building materials from a recent renovation, we can help with that too!

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We have the experience to help you get your belongings ready for a move. We can pack your entire home or just a few rooms. We know how to pack your items to make the most out of your packing materials. We can use your packing materials that you supply or we can supply them.

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Property Maintenance
Handyman Services

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We know what you are thinking… it’s moving items from point A to B. Yeah, that’s right. The overall function of the job is pretty simple and basic, yes. However, it is very easy to mess it up. We are pros and even we make a few mistakes.

We start off by emailing you with our contract details and service agreement. We want to be honest and not frivolous with how we bill and of our clients. There won’t be any unscrupulous charges.

Our staff all wear uniforms and have proper CSA approved safety boots. We see many of our competitors wearing running shoes. If someone were to get hurt because of unsafe foot attire, the homeowner could be held liable. The injured person could go after your rental or home owners insurance.

We pad, shrink wrap and protect all of your furniture. We wrap these items in your home. Your furniture doesn’t even make it out to our truck unless it is protected. This protects your furniture from breaking, or even from accidentally gouging drywall or knocking banisters. It shows a different level of care from us opposed to some of our competitors. 

Our truck is fully stocked with a multitude of tools. We take care of taking furniture items apart such as beds, dining tables, chairs, taking down wall mount TVs and so much more. We don’t charge an additional fee for this either. Don’t worry, we will put it back together again as well.

We carry floor protection items with us. We have protective floor mats, boot covers and carpet film to keep hardwood floors or carpets clean. Your floors will be safe with us. We move clients throughout the entire year, and each season brings its own weather conditions. We are ready for mother nature.

Our preparation and preparedness is amazing. We carry extra dolly tires, numerous styles of dollies and carts, flashlights, and even a first aid kit just to name a few. We always come up with a solution for anything extraordinary or unexpected.

Let our extra attention to these details make your move smoother and better than the rest.


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